Making Regular Visits To The Eye Doctor

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Why Are You Waking Up With Bloodshot Eyes?

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Waking up to find that your eyes are red and bloodshot is never fun. If your eyes are also exuding yellow or green discharge, then you need to make a doctor’s appointment as you likely have pinkeye. However, if your eyes are just red and slightly irritated with no discharge – and the redness disappears throughout the day before reappearing the next morning – one of these other causes is probably to blame. Read More»

So, You Have A Corneal Abrasion

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Did you get something in your eye, resulting in irritation and sensitivity to your eye even after the item was removed from your eye? Chances are, you have a corneal abrasion – which is essentially a scratch on the surface of your eye. Here’s what you need to know about this injury. What should you do about a corneal abrasion? A corneal abrasion is not an overly serious issue – as long as you get it treated properly. Read More»