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Sore Eyes In Front Of The Computer? 3 Ways To Reduce Discomfort

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Most people now spend a great deal of time in front of computers and other electronics on a daily basis. While these devices can be extremely helpful in daily life, they can also take a toll on your eyes. If you're experiencing discomfort while using the computer, you don't have to suffer. Here are three tips to help reduce the feeling of sore eyes while using a computer or any other electronic.

Blue Light Filtering Lenses

Computers and other electronics produce a great deal of blue light. This light penetrates the eye more deeply than other forms of light, which can cause damage and stress to the delicate inner parts of the eye. As a result, electronics can make your eyes feel tired more quickly than if you were just in front of a standard indoor light source.

Reducing the amount of blue light your eyes are exposed to is easy with blue light filtering contact lenses. These contact lenses are designed to cut down the amount of blue light that makes it through to your eyes from all sources, including electronics. Any optometrist can help you to pick out a pair of contacts that protects your eyes from blue light.

Take Regular Breaks

Your eyes are supported by muscles, and like any muscle, using it too much makes it tired and sore. It's a good idea to give your eyes regular breaks while using the computer to ease your discomfort.

The length of the break depends on your preferences, but you can make the most of it simply by shutting your eyes and letting them relax for the duration of your break. This will allow the muscles to loosen up and stop feeling quite as sore.

Cool Compress

Lastly, it's a good idea to use a cool compress on your eyes to help reduce inflammation and discomfort. As an added bonus, it feels good, so you can consider integrating it into your regular eye breaks.

You can make a cool compress out of fabric, a wash cloth, or any other absorbent material. Simply rinse it with cool water, squeeze out the excess, and lay it over your eyes. Don't press down, as this could harm your eyes. Just let it rest there for a while until your eyes feel refreshed. Perform this step at the first sign of discomfort for maximum efficacy.

Your eyes work hard for you every day, so make sure to take steps to treat them well. With these tips, you can ease the discomfort you experience in front of the computer on a daily basis. For more ideas, talk to your optometrist for advice.