Making Regular Visits To The Eye Doctor

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Why It's A Good Idea To See Your Eye Doctor Yearly

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If you don’t need glasses or your vision has remained steady for years, it might seem like it’s okay to put off seeing your eye doctor. The reality is, visiting your eye doctor as often as they recommend - typically yearly - is due to a variety of reasons that can help to protect your vision and the health of your eyes. Read on to learn why it’s imperative that you don’t skip your regular check-ups with your eye doctor. Read More»

Sore Eyes In Front Of The Computer? 3 Ways To Reduce Discomfort

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Most people now spend a great deal of time in front of computers and other electronics on a daily basis. While these devices can be extremely helpful in daily life, they can also take a toll on your eyes. If you’re experiencing discomfort while using the computer, you don’t have to suffer. Here are three tips to help reduce the feeling of sore eyes while using a computer or any other electronic. Read More»

What Happens During Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

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It’s important for you to get in for your annual eye exam so you can rule out newly developing vision problems. Sometimes these problems can sneak up on you and you may not even notice that you are having a problem seeing because you learn to adjust to a certain point since eye problems can progress at such a slow rate. Here is what you can expect at your comprehensive eye exam: Read More»

Why Are You Waking Up With Bloodshot Eyes?

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Waking up to find that your eyes are red and bloodshot is never fun. If your eyes are also exuding yellow or green discharge, then you need to make a doctor’s appointment as you likely have pinkeye. However, if your eyes are just red and slightly irritated with no discharge – and the redness disappears throughout the day before reappearing the next morning – one of these other causes is probably to blame. Read More»

So, You Have A Corneal Abrasion

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Did you get something in your eye, resulting in irritation and sensitivity to your eye even after the item was removed from your eye? Chances are, you have a corneal abrasion – which is essentially a scratch on the surface of your eye. Here’s what you need to know about this injury. What should you do about a corneal abrasion? A corneal abrasion is not an overly serious issue – as long as you get it treated properly. Read More»