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Do You Have Digital Eye Strain? 4 Symptoms And Prevention Tips

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Digital eye strain is caused by staring at tech devices such as tablets, smart phones, computers and televisions. Your eyes can get strained as you are staring without blinking. You may end up with an astigmatism or could also have other health issues. Read on for symptoms of digital eye strain and what you can do to prevent it.

Digital Eye Strain Symptoms

If you're using digital devices throughout the day, you may be susceptible to digital eye strain or worsening vision. Some symptoms associated with digital eye strain include:

  • Red, tired, itchy or dry eyes
  • Worsening vision, blurry vision or trouble focusing after looking at a screen for too long 
  • Having a hard time seeing up close in addition to further away
  • Back, shoulder or neck pain
  • Headaches after using digital devices

Being on a digital device throughout the day may not be possible to avoid. Technology is used widely everywhere and in just about every job. Taking some time to give your eyes a break is essential in saving your vision and helping to ensure your vision does not worsen. Read on for some helpful tips to prevent digital eye strain.

Digital Eye Strain Prevention Tips

Keep the eyes moist by using eye drops and blinking your eyes often. Eye drops are a good way to keep the eyes moist if you have issues with dry eyes, but blinking can usually moisten the eyes. Talk to your optometrist about which drops to use for your eyes.

Take a break from the screens in your life. Walk away from the screen, look away whenever you can, and try to focus on something else far away. Focusing on something else gives the eyes a break, as well as the rest of your body affected by digital eye strain.

Your tech device should be at eye level. You should never look down at your device, as you will end up with shoulder, neck and back pain in addition to eye strain. 

Adjust the font on your screen so it is easy to read without you needing to squint to see or hunch over to view the screen.

Digital eye strain can affect anyone - young or old. If you're using tech devices often, be sure to take breaks and blink often to prevent your eyes from drying out and straining your eyes. Talk to your optometrist about other tips to prevent digital eye strain, and get in for eye exams and checkups if you notice changes in your vision.