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Prescription Contact Lenses: Are They Right For You?

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If you have a prescription for glasses, you might want to consider getting prescription contact lenses as well. These prescriptions are not always identical, and you usually need to have a special eye appointment in order to get a prescription for contacts and glasses. However, prescription contact lenses might be beneficial to you in many ways.

Are prescription contact lenses right for you? They might be; discuss your concerns with your optometrist so they can guide you to the best vision solution for your needs.

You are very active

If you are a very active person, then glasses may not be ideal for you all of the time. You might want to consider getting prescription contact lenses in addition to prescription glasses for working out, swimming, running, or doing other activities where your glasses might normally fall down or fog up.

You want a vision alternative

You can have a prescription for both contact lenses and glasses at the same time, so if you feel like wearing glasses one day but want to wear contacts another day, you are free to do so with a contact prescription. You'll want to check with your eye doctor before ordering any contacts once you get your prescription for them since not all prescription contact lenses are the same. You'll also want to let your eye doctor know how often you plan on wearing contacts, or if they'll be used on occasion only.

For example, if you have dry eyes, you'll want to consider the daily disposable lenses. If you want to leave your contacts in for days at a time, you'll want contacts that are intended for extended wear. Other things to consider when buying prescription contact lenses include whether you have astigmatism, you're near or far-sighted, and other factors.

You don't have dry eye or other eye conditions

Contacts aren't for everyone, so if you have a dry eye condition or other medical conditions, then you want to talk to your eye doctor before considering prescription contact lenses. Otherwise, you can benefit from including this type of vision correction in your daily routine. You can wear contacts every day so long as you take care to clean them regularly, change them out as needed, and you don't find them itchy or uncomfortable while they are in your eyes.

Your eye doctor can try a few trial pairs of prescription contact lenses on you before you pick the ones that feel most comfortable. Continue to have regular eye exams whether you wear contacts or glasses on the regular.